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Italian language and culture centre, learn italian, live versilia and the tuscan style!
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Who we are

Versilia Italian School is a small centre where you can breathe a nice friendly atmosphere.

The teachers are keen on the Italian language and culture. They are also fond of the Tuscan and local traditions.
Versilia Italian School is located in the old town centre of Pietrasanta, a wonderful town known also as the capital of the marble carving.


The method adopted here is based mainly on the conversation – communication, without overlooking grammar, which is the important base for learning and improving a new language. Every lesson starts from a written or an audio text and the grammar concepts come out of that. Our “inductive method” makes use of songs, movie extracts, dialogues and anything that can be useful for bringing the learner to approach the language directly.

Teaching materials

Our teachers do not use books, if not for taking some ideas or clues (exercises); they personally create the lessons texts in order to adapt them to the needs of each student and customize them totally. The interests and the needs of our learners are highlighted, so we willingly accept requests to make “ad hoc” lessons. The surrounding territory and all its attractions are often the background of our teaching material: the sea, the Apuane Alps, the hills, the lake, the parks, our traditions, the artistic events both regarding music and gastronomy and the local cooking with its typical recipes. They are all topics for our lesson as we think they are important to lead the learner to knowing this beautiful area and taking advantage from that to enjoy his stay.


Our Italian teachers are mother-tongue; they are all fond of teaching, of their language and the Tuscan culture. They are graduated in humanities and they are certified for teaching Italian to foreigners; they have also certifications recognized by the European framework like DITALS, issued by the “Università per Stranieri” of Siena. They have been experienced for long with all sorts of students: children, teenagers, adults and immigrants and in the meanwhile they study and keep up to date about the most modern teaching methods.

For the English group course on Conversation, our teachers are exclusively mother-tongue; they have been teaching in many schools, for the local government, for different associations in Italy and abroad.

Some of our teachers are also licensed tourist leader so they can take the students on excursions while practicing and learning the Italian language.